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Max Jäger was born in 1957 into the well-known Jäger family of master casters and raised in Pfäffikon on the lake of Zurich.

As a child, Max spent most of his free time with his brother in his father's foundry, playing with molding sand and copying the ways and work of their caster father. The foundry became Max's playground and source of great delight. Here, Max discovered the possibilities of sculpture at an early age.

At the foundry, Max met and was enormously stimulated by great artists, such as the Giacomettis, who brought their work in for casting, and who in turn were intrigued by young Max's earnest occupation and by his small sculptures and works in relief.

Their interest soon awakened his own ambition.

While attending Art College in Zurich, Max continued to help with the work at the foundry and spent the little spare time he had in his studio drawing, painting and sculpting.

From the age of 15 on, Max and his elder brother found themselves increasingly more responsible for the foundry after their father became disabled from a skiing accident. Thus, Max grew into foundry work and learned the demanding discipline of the craft. After their father's death in 1982, the Jäger Brothers took over the foundry officially and are still running it together today as in third generation.

Through it all, Max Jäger has pursued his own art.

His growing interest in the natural sciences and architecture led him to his current artistic expression: a unique combination of art and science in substance and style.

Since 1985 Max Jäger has exhibited consistently and in 1988 he was admitted to the "Guild of Swiss Painters, Sculptors and Architects."

He boasts an impressive list of collectors and he enterd the New York art scene in the fall of 2001.